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yeah i have sam adams black lager and arbor brewing co Olde #22 in the fridge and i made a gin and tonic :sonicjay:

I used to be real into hard mixes, First burbon and coke 50/50, then cognac and ginger ale 70/30, then dry gin and tonic 50/50. Now i just drink busch light mostly exept on occasion i go molson xxx (it's good and makes me oblivious to the fact that i am being an ass).

If i went back i would be all over the cognac and ale though. Henessy = mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:beerbang:

I only wheel a boat.
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Now, that, I got me some Seagram's gin
Everybody got they cups, but they ain't chipped in
Now this types of shit, happens all the time
You got to get yours but fool I gotta get mine
Everything is fine when you listenin to the D-O-G
I got the cultivating music that be captivating he
who listens, to the words that I speak
As I take me a drink to the middle of the street
and get to mackin to this bitch named Sadie (Sadie?)
She used to be the homeboy's lady (Oh, that bitch)
Eighty degrees, when I tell that bitch please
Raise up off these N-U-T's, bitch you gets none of these
At ease, as I mob with the Dogg Pound, feel the breeze
beeeitch, I'm just

Later on that day
My homey Dr. Dre came through with a gang of Tanqueray
And a fat ass J, of some bubonic chronic that made me choke
Shit, this ain't no joke
I had to back up off of it and sit my cup down
Tanqueray and chronic, yeah I'm fucked up now
But it ain't no stoppin, I'm still poppin
Dre got some bitches from the city of Compton
To serve me, not with a cherry on top
Cause when I bust my nut, I'm raisin up off the cot
Don't get upset girl, that's just how it goes
I don't love you hoes, I'm out the do'
And I'll be

Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice (beeotch!!)
Laid back [with my mind on my money and my money on my mind]
Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice (beeotch!!)
Laid back [with my mind on my money and my money on my mind]

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I mistakenly took a huge shot from a green bottle above my parents fridge when I was 13 maybe 14. That is the worse tasting liqour out there straight bar none. I'd almost rather do a cement mixer. I just smelled and tasted supercharged pine needles maybe turpentine.

With my dad I am sure that was the cheap gin though I don't think that I have ever had Bombay.

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I've always thought gin smelled and tasted like band-aids.
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