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How do I kill the mosquitos without harming the frogs, toads, snakes, mantis, ect?

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I have a small ditch behind my lot. I've heard mineral oil will put a film on the surface that the skeeter larva can't get through for air.
Any other suggestions?
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The BTI briquets will work well as long as they are just larva.

If you have Pupa, you are going to need to use a oil to leave a film becasue pupa do not eat so the BTI will do nothing to kill them, you need to suffocate them.

I work for Mosquito Control in my county and we use a petroleum based additive with basically mineral oil. It dissapates in 24-36hrs, doesn't hurt anything big enough to break the surface tension.

Other than that if you can get your hands on something called Abate. when the ditch drys up if it ever does throw some of that in there ever so many feet and when it floods it will pretreat the ditch and you won't have any mosquitos.
so the mineral oil story is true?
Cool. Do you have to spray it or can you just pour it?
put up bat houses
Working on it
A guy I know used this:
He had a swampy area bordering the rear of his backyard. Sprayed that stuff every couple of weeks and he didnt have ANY mosquitos.
That stuff is pretty pricey
I got mosquitos so big they can stand flat footed and fuck a turkey.
So to dig this thing up again, did you try the mineral oil? or some other type of oil? Im curious because I am in a similar situation rite now
I bought "mosquito dunks". They are little 1 1/2 cakes that you put in standing water. I put them in my culverts during a heavy rain. I it they helped.
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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