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Atari 2600:

I begged as a child till I got what I wanted :d: I was the master at megamania then became one of the best pilots of star command (iirc the title of the game)
Then 7800 came out and I was pissed causing me to drifted to arcade games to skip school.

PC games:

I avoided all the hoopla during the nintendo phase and got involved in pc games like mech warriors and half life. But my (2K w98) computer became severely out dated so I quit.

Game Cube:

Had kids needed to get something appropriate. Wife asked my opinion so I suggested Xbox. She went against my opinion and bought Game Cube.


Halo 2 came out so I bought it. Happen to come along with an Xbox. Wife was pissed when the kids played Xbox only :d:


Got it for xmas and the kids are currently grounded from it. I definitely dig it. Need to get a set of wireless controllers to play Game Cube yet :d:

Anyone wanna buy a hardly used Game Cube?

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commodore 64. Dad had this computer and we used to play some sweet games from a cassette tape player thingy that plugged into the computer.

christmas present ** 2nd most favorite video game, excitebike **

nintendo 64
christmas present ** All time favorite video game, James bond on the nintendo 64 **

bought it used from the oakland press classifieds (haha, remember those?)

playstation 2
bought it after playing online shooter game at a friends house

bought it after playing mario kart at a hotel in WI. got it before last christmas. Didn't want to wait in line for one, so paid a Craigslist premium ** Mariokart FTW **

bought it for the blu-ray

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Pong. Bugged my mom for it at Federal's

Atari 5200. Big Lots, $29.00, cartridges $2 each

PC- played Driver and Sims on th PIII-500 back in 99.

Xbox- Got one at the pawn shop for $60, got another from the garbage and repaired it

GBA, PSP, PS!, PS2- kids keep swapping games so much I don't even keep track

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Pong (sears paddle game) Christmas present when i wanted an Atari 2600

Atari 2600 christmas present when i wanted a 7800

PSP - Was bored in an airport and bought one for the flight LOL mostly sits and collects dust

PS3, won in an online game raffle

and even though i dont own one I agree with CC James bond on the N64 is friggin AWESOME!! we lost many a nights sleep on the bus when that came out.
but Battletanks for the N64 is a close runner up

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the rents used to get me a console and a couple games every other xmas. I still have all my old consoles, Nintendo up to the 64, and Sega up to the dreamcast. Sega died, Nintendo turned into a fruity kids gaming machine and the PlayStation replaced them. played the shit out of the ps1&2. now i play 360, it has the best games and more of em.

My mom had bought a pc back in 96. I went to the mall and picked up a copy of duke nukem. it was over from there. i have hundreds of pc game on my storage drives.

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Fairchild as a kid - favorite game was baseball

Apple Lisa - played computer games

Intelivision - Bomb Squad with voice module, Sea battle

Nintendo - Mario Brothers :rock:

PS1 - Galaga

Xbox - ATV Fury, GTA

Xbox360 - GTA

Wii - Wii Sports

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Dad got a 360mhz computer when they were brand new and we played a lot of number munchers and super munchers when I was young, then we got a 460mhz computer that had DoomII on it, played mech warriors and Decent when they came out, but I think my Favorite title had to be the Need For speed games, PC, PS1, Game Cube, Xbox and Xbox 360.

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I don't have time for RPG. I need to be able to load up and play quickly with an equal advantage to others who live/breath playing the game. I've never played or actually have even seen an xbox 360. ever.
:fish: since when is the 360 an rpg console? i'd say pc gamers take the cake on that one because of wow.

360 has halo 3, gears of war 2, the call of duty's, rainbow six, etc...and i've always heard that the live is way better than ps3's online system.

my dad had original nintendo, which i still have and play on the rare occasion (duck hunt ftw)...i got n64 for christmas when i was a kid, my dad bought a playstation for himself when i was younger, so that led me into ps2. my mom knocked it over and broke it while she was vacuuming, so they got me an xbox. one of my friends parents and mine planned and surprised both of us with 360's for christmas the year they came out, that was pretty cool of them. i think i wanna get a wii now that i played my friends, it's really fun

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Pong - Garage sale.

Texas Instruments 99-4a (computer, but took game cartridges) Grandparents got me in 1981.

Atari 2600, got when they were getting phased out.

Commodore Amiga - parents got for a computer

Sega Genesis: Xmas gift

Super Nintendo: Bought it myself

Sega CD: Bought it myself

Nintendo 64: Xmas gift

Various Intel PCs over the years: Bought/built

Nintendo Wii: Family Xmas gift, having tons of fun. Going to order Guitar Hero World Tour tonight.

I love old games. We still have the TI994a somewhere. Have a stand-up atari star wars, and a pinball machine to restore this summer, along with a Pachinko machine.

Our cousins always had all the consoles when they came out. Intellevision, Colecovision, Oddysey, Atari 7800. Took us forever just to get the 2600....

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atari 7400-
ran off a cassette tape for programs. had to hand type in the programs from various magazines my dad got

ibm PC-
$2200 6 months before they were mainstream, my dad had to have one. played all the great classis 5 1/4 games like rendezvous with rama, zork, adventure, etc...

atari 2600-
parents claimed it was a wedding gift they got and one night my sis and I heard noises from the basement and laughter. my non-gamer parents were playing combat with each other and we played that thing to death.

commodore 64-
my best friend had one about the same time as I had the atari and played the shit out of both

NES - again, all my friends had one and when not playing multiplayer stuff almost all of them enjoyed simply watching me play shit like zelda and master blaster

Super NES - My friend had one first and later I got one for my sister, mainly for zelda and mario.

486 homebrew- my first pc of my own. built by my landlord and I have been upgrading ever since. $200 for a 2x scsi cd burner, $120 for 32mb of ram, god those were the wasteful days.

N64 - Zelda drew me in again and I got a few titles for it aside from zelda, but frankly they killed the series I think on N64

PS2 - I got one of these only a year and a half ago used for some single player rpg's cuz the pc side is dying slowly as to whats available.

PS3 - I wanted a bluray and this is the cheapest upgradable firmware choice and still is. Has some good games and the kid loves the lego series.

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Super Nintendo - Mario

PS1 - It was the newest thing to come out so i begged for it.

PS2 - I HAD to get this when it came out. Best Christmas evar!

Xbox 360 - Call of Duty 4, got it last Christmas

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Oringinal playstation: My dad got it from a guy at work for free
Gamecube: Little brother got it for christmas, he used it the least.
XBox 360: money bring a hole in my pocket and the game Oblivion
laptop: school and i got hooked on garry's mod and team fortress 2

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Super Nintendo: Brother went to college and gave it to me when i was little

N64: Probably a birthday gift to upgrade

PS2: Another upgrade

Xbox 360: Bday present to myself last year
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