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Hi everyone. Figured I should finally sign up after going to the Harrison Moose Off road snow run last weekend. I was just a passenger in my brothers Jeep this time. But I still had a blast. My Dad is Dune_n and I'm also friends with Jeeperz_Creeperz and LS1_ZR2 and I think my brother signed up, just don't know what name he used.

I currently have an 04 TJ that is still waiting for a lift, tires, and axles to begin with, hopefully down the road a bit it will gain a couple more cylinders under the hood like my dads. I have previously owned 2 YJ's with sbc's, 2 other TJ's, several older bronco's and a fair amount of Mustangs...

I'm hoping to get my TJ trail ready within the next few months cuz its killing me that its mostly stock right now. Hope to meet more of you this year.

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