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i have a 94 jetta GLS that has common issues, i just replaced Heater core last week and the door harness has breaks in wire, so i swapped out to manual windows with crankers instead.
Car has 245k on it and still purs like a kitten and tranny doesnt pop out of reverse or make any noises.
Black with Black interior, and is pretty clean inside
Outside is pretty clean except for a crease in hood at headlight, and a surface rust spot on 1/4 by wheel.
comes on some older teardrops with tires that work
new front rotors and pads
new rear pads
new cap,rotor,wires,plugs and air filter
new heater core

*The bad is that the floor has some rust along seat rail, still holds up fine and i weigh 270 and a little spot up by feet where someone tried to jack it up in wrong spot, not all the way through but to connector plate.

Car is a great daily or winter beater for sure but i wouldnt waste time modding it unless you wanna replace sections of floor pan.

1400 firm, dont need this as i have another car im working on as of now.

tires in picture do not come with it, others will

located in Kalamazoo MI. will post pics sometime this weekend

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