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Emptied out a couple boxes that contained random spare parts related to the 225-powered 1966 CJ-5 I had. Some of them may not be from the V6, but rather from the 4-cylinder that came out of the Jeep many years ago.

This is all I have left from this Jeep.

I don't know what all the proper names for all these parts are, I don't know what specific applications they are for, but I will do my best to provide measurements, inspect for part numbers, take close-up pics, etc. If you see something you need, do your best to identify it or PM me a copy of the picture it appears in with a circle around the part (or something).

(The Kromex piston ring packaging is empty. I forgot to take that out of the picture - sorry.)

All these items are free + shipping. Most of these things will fit in rather small boxes, so your worst-case shipping cost for most items would be $13 for a USPS Priority Mail large Flat-Rate box. The small flat-rate boxes are $6. I have a variety of other non-flat-rate USPS Priority Mail boxes in different shapes, but anything that does not fit in any of those would go through my FedEx Ground account.

Cash, PayPal, or USPS Money Order only. No other money orders. All items are 1st come, 1st served based on receipt of payment.
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