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Kinda reminds me of the new IH Scout, if it could sing.

off topic but more on the scout::blah::blah::blah::blah::blah:
I guess if it (The new Scout, if it were made like a 'modern SUV') were neutered by the NVH engineers, eco-nazis, airbags, and all of the cushy crap people demand these days it would be worse than the Kawasaki Mule/John Deere Gator type thing. It would be a front wheel drive in base mode, with a high winding four banger with no torque. It would be based off a car, like, oh, a Camry or something for light weight. The four wheel drive version would have no low range, no transfer case lever, and would basically be a 'on demand all wheel drive' system just like so many other modern 'suvs'. :teehee::(roadhouse

see pic for my digital rendition for reference. Also note the oversized logo application that's trendy these days as well.


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