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FS: 2004 Chevy Blazer, lifted, custom

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Thanks, and if anyone knows someone who is looking for a nice clean 4x4 please let them know.

It is a great truck, and the only reason I am selling is to get a 4-door JEEP.
I know tell me about it! HaHa

I have always been a GM guy, and never cared for JEEPS. But I guess thats the only thing out there that will fit the bill of what I want at the moment.
Yes they are, they are kinda new to the market and I wanted them since I have never seen them on the road.

To me the outter lugs look like the duratrac(I belive teh share the same carcas?) And the inner lugs look like the MT MTZ.

They are actually pretty quite which is nice. And they have a HUGE like 1/2"-3/4" rim guard.
And as for what im looking for...

Dont flame me haha but a 07+ JK unlimited(4-door) Rubicon.
Ha I never really took it off road. For the most part the most it has seen was one trip to silver lake last year.
Last chance, she ends today!
For the most part she only seen silcer lake twice ;-(

last minute bump...
1 - 14 of 21 Posts