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For sale is a set of 4 lightly used Allied 16x10 Rock-A-Thon beadlock rims.

Bolt pattern is 8-lug GM (8 on 6.5")

These are not rockstar, pimp-style fake beadlocks. These are made to wheel and bash the daylights out of, 32 bolts, full steel wheels and steel rings with rolled lip to save your tires. They were on a '80 CJ7 with a 454 and 1-ton GM axles for one trip to Drummond Island, then on my '84 Chevy truck for 3 years.

Pics below are current shots from this afternoon, pic of the truck is for example ONLY... truck and Boggers not included. Those are 38.5x15x16 Boggers in the pic and they fit great. These will fit any tire with a width of up to 16" wide.

Price for these new is over $850, get yours half price and don't pay shipping!
Rim faces are in awesome condition, clean and rust free with no pitting or chunks taken out. Valve stems good, these rims hold air!

One beadlock ring has a flattened section of rolled lip from a sassy rock at Drummond, works great just an appearance thing.

NO TRADE$... thanks but I need the cash.

Email or text me at:
[email protected]
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