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Cross referencing this here...

Figured I would post my links to 8.8 tech i have aquired, never made my own because these were more then sufficient. If people search I hope this will come up for them.

at a glance...

These are the codes you will need when out shopping for your 8.8

Axle tag codes:

3L73 = 3.73 LS

4 10 = 4.10 open

4L10 = 4.10 LS

and so on

Door codes:

43 Open 3200 3.08

41 Open 3200 3.27

42 Open 4.10

46 Open 3.73

45 Open 3200 3.55

D4 Limited Slip 3200 3.73

D2 Limited Slip 4.10

L73 Limited Slip 3.73

Here's all the specs, measurements, and misc crap about the 8.8 you'll ever want to know.

Ford 8.8 specs:

Weight (complete assembly w/ brakes etc.): 174 lb.

Axle shaft strength: 6,500 (lb. ft.)

Drivers side Ford brake hose #:F5TZ-2282-A

Passenger side brake hose #: XL2Z-2282-AA

Bolt size (U-joint flange to yoke) is: 12 x 1.75 x 30 mm

Driveshaft Flange: Spicer Part Number 2-2-1379


O.D. of tubes: 3.250".

Tube thickness: .250" (some are .188”!)

Ring gear diameter: 8.800".

Ring gear bolts: 7/16" dia. (qty. 10).

Pinion diameter/splines: 1.625 / 30.

Axle shaft/splines: 1.320 / 31.

Rotor thickness (where it mounts to axle is .250").

Overall width 59.625" (the F8.8 is .950" narrower then a TJ Dana 35).

Hole diameter for ABS sensor in top of housing: .811".

Centerline of housing to C/L of pinion difference is 3.875" toward the P/S.

Pinion offset: P/S to C/L of Pinion, 27-3/4" (no rotor on axle), D/S to C/L of Pinion, 31-5/8" (no rotor on axle). (this measurement is 2.5" more offset to the P/S then a TJ Dana 35).

all taken from

there are comparison pics to the D35 there as well

also has TONS of info... not just on 8.8 axles

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source for 8.8 flange

bigger u-joint (1310) 2-2-1369
smaller u-joint 2-2-1379

Weller Truck Parts
Grand Rapids

Website wont do you any good just call and ask for sales.
$12.41 for 2-2-1369, the other should be close. + shipping.

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thanx again!

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another word on the u-joint flange, the one off an early 90s explorer will work for the 1310 ujoint, it has a spicer p/n 2-2-671, I was unable to look up that number, but it did work.

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good info on the 8.8 im kind of confuzed thoe. i have a 97 F-150 with an 8.8 and i jacked up the rear pig spun the tire once the drive shaft spun 3 n a half times. doesnt that mean 3.55's? but i also have LS because when i do break torques both tires spin.

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I've got a quick question. Can I get a ring and pinion set of 5.38 gears for an 8.8? I can't seem to find them it goes from 5.13 to 5.71? I'd like to put a dana 44 up front and regear to 5.38s so I'm hoping someone can help me find gears for the 8.8. thanks

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Is there a carrier size split like 3.73 and up or what?

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Thank you
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