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Focus SVT engine knock

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I just bought an 02 svt with 142,ooo on the clock. The focus suposedly has a rod knock. I am going to be trying to figure out for sure if that is the problem. Then I will try to fix it without pulling the motor?

After digging into it a little, it has a couple codes. Codes are P1381 and P1383. I used a stethoscope to try and narrow down the location of the knock. It seems like the noise is coming from the rear cam on the drivers side end of the motor. I am wondering if I have a valvetrain part going bad? I have only pulled the valve cover so far. It does sound like a rod till it gets full oil pressure while cold, but that goes away in just a second and does not come back unless the car sits for several hours again.

Some more background info.. The previous owner says the timing belt was done around 8000 miles ago and a tune up was done about 700 miles ago. Now, I am afraid (but not sure) he could have been fabricating a little bit of this info.? The paperwork for the tune up came with the car, no info. on the timing belt though.

The car runs decent besides the noise, I have only idled (reving it a littlle periodicly) it trying to trace the noise. I did drive it onto my car dollie and into my garage though. I do not think it has the right plugs in it, but the piston tops look fine. I wrote the #'s down, but forgot them on the car.

Sorry about the novel. Any advice would be appreciated.

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pull the motor and save yourself a headache , its way easier to work on them with the motor out ,., car was probably beat to hell by some kid so its probably the beginning of a rod knock
after re-reading your post you say its posibly coming from the rear cam , its posible that its a cam bearing
maybe this wil help a little .............P1381- ECM detected VCT position over advanced condition

Probable causes:
engine mechanical condition- timing belt jumped
no oil flow to VCT position chamber
VCT solenoid stuck or defective
low oil pressure
P1383- VCT cam timing over retarded- bank 1

Probable causes:

Engine mechanical condition- timing belt jumped
Timing belt tensioner failure
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i know i keep adding stuff but im just tryin to help , im not sure how those timing belt tensioners work but i know some work off oil pressure , maybe low oil pressure is causing the tensioner to be lose and smack around upon cold start up , just a thought
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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