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First camping trip of the season !!!

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It is official the season has started, we headed about 3/4 of a mile behind the house to the camping spot, next weekend we are off to Rothbury.




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My spot !!!

we got a ton of rain Sat night and it turned my trails into soup which made hauling out on Sunday fun.


All in All it was a great time.
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Awesome! Looked like a great time.

Brother and I are setting up a weekend site in a couple weeks out at hunting camp; then the wife and I are taking the camper to Onaway beginning of May. After that the camper is going out to the lake lot for the summer.
we don't do much when the bugs come out but before and after is a fun time
been out often myself. we tend to like being in the woods. 😁
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Where are you headed in Rothbury? I live just west of there....
Where are you headed in Rothbury? I live just west of there....
My Old Mans cabin is off Roosevelt and 128th Ave about 3/4 of a mile in the woods
^^ Good deal. I know the area pretty well. Great place to have a camp.
Nice pictures everyone, can't wait til I have some of my own to share!
I'll be heading up to open the camper in a few weeks; can't wait.

Looks like a nice time Bob! Thanks for sharing!!
I'd love to have as much property as you Bob!

We're heading for the first glamping trip of the year next weekend, can't wait.
What an awesome kick off to the 23 camping season so many great memories the kids caught and eat frogs, cray fish, and even some minnows from the pond, I think they have been watching to many episodes of Naked and Afraid. Cousin Jimmy is working on a tent trailer and wanted to try it out, he only made it about 25 feet before we needed the Runner to dragged that jeep and trailer through the wet shit. At one time we had both quads the runner and the jeep tied together to get through the worst of it but we got in to where we were going and everything made it back home.
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Good Times!!!!!
Whoa! That's a muddy Toyota...haha
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