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Hey guys, I'm here spreading the word about an event I've been talking about doing for some time now!

MidWest 400ex Bash

Facebook event page:

I will be your lead contact for this event. If you have any questions on how things will go, ask me anytime!

Haspen Acres, Indiana. I found this to be a great park with great amenities and all types of riding. They've got a track, a drag strip, tons of trails as well as a tough hill climb or two.

I will also be holding contests on Saturday to see if we can seek out whose the best on their 400ex!! Please note that other riders of other makes/models are welcome to come! I'd love to see some nice 450's and 250R's out there!! Anyone is welcome and everyone is welcome to participate in the contests (there are 3 different classes)

I will be posting updates as they come as well as trying to track down some sponsors for the event. I'm sure we'd all love to have some prizes and make this event huge! I will be marketing this event on lots of other pages to attract as many riders as we can!

Invite your friends and spread the word. I will be working hard all the way up to the event to make this thing as great as I possibly can!

  • Post on numerous pages to attract as many riders as we can (focusing on 400ex and Honda riders!)
  • Attract sponsors to the event
  • Attract some ATV Media attention
  • Provide a fun, safe and competitive weekend!
  • Grow the event to be a staple, can't-miss annual event!
  • Spread the event out to other regions!

The event is free for all of you. Of course, you will have to pay to play at the park, but that will be your only cost. I will end up spending my own money on this, but I am glad to do so. My goal is to build this event bigger and better every single year and eventually spread out to other regions! Help me make this a staple event!!!

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