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97 Sonoma 4.3

My truck has been idling a little funny sometimes lately, but drives fine. The cat was cut off the truck a couple years back, and two O2 sensors went with it so I've had the service engine light on for quite a long time, but the other day I decided to scan it to see if I could find anything about my sometimes strange idle.

These are all the codes that came up:

P0102 Mil On
P0340 Monitors
P0713 5 Inc
P0740 Catalyst
P0753 Evap
P0758 O2 Sensor
P0785 O2 Heater
P1810 EGR
P1860 3 Ready


P0102 Misfire
P0340 Fuel
P0713 Comp

I do not know what codes #1 2 3 4 mean. I assume though that 4 has to do with the cat being gone? Or possibly be related to EGR? Code 5 I also do not know what exactly it's pertaining to. Evap canister? Code #9 I also have no idea what that means?

As for the "Pending" codes, I need that explained a little also. Would that mean my computer is going bad?

Now... The Engine-1 fuse is also blowing out whenever replaced with the standard size fuse right at startup. I put a larger fuse in to see it's reaction, and it idles like shit until the fuse either blows, or I shut the engine off.

I know that that fuse is related to a couple of the codes that came up like, O2 Sensor Heater, and EGR. Is it just blowing out because those things need to be replaced?

Sorry it's a lot to read through, I am still not too familiar with codes and electronic shit, thanks in advance.
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