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i've been kind of forced to go carb with the new setup for my mustang so heres what i have:

explorer gt40 intake, ported lower, port matched upper, cleaned, blasted and re finished with a 1" spacer, $250
explorer 65mm tb converted to work on fox, $75 with sensors
ford e303 cam, about 1200 miles on it, $125
modified 80mm mass air from lincolin 4.6 with stock fox sensor and a adapter plate, $100
bbk chrome fender well cold air kit, $90
24lbs ford injectors, roughly 20,000 miles, $100
gt40x aluminum heads, never ran, ported, bare for now, 64cc chambers, $600

will take trades for nice 650-750 cfm carb, 302 victor jr intake, victor or rpm or even afr heads, tfs stage 2 cam or?
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