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I vote used dump truck... everyone talking about load capacity is thinking about it all wrong. If only using on your property for low speed driving things around, over loading it isn't a concern. When my old blue truck was still in commission we would load the fuck out of it with 2 face cord of green oak. Probably weighs in at over 6k lbs. Never broke anything just driving it around the property fully over loaded. I wouldn't hesitate to go dump truck in your shoes. An extra vehicle to take care of, that you only use a handful of times a year, won't be as big an impact as your buddy or family member always borrowing your dump trailer and bringing it back busted as shit. Especially if you don't need to register the truck for on road driving.

I wouldn't even consider the insert bed for your current truck. Waste of time energy and bed space, especially if you're going to get a gooseneck in the future.

Seems like you've made your mind up about the dump trailer. It doesn't look like it really helps you out for what you want to do.

Pics of fully over loaded truck in question. Fyi, my kids loaded that one and it's not nearly as tall as when i loaded it myself...
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