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I’ve gone through this dilemma many times as well…..even though I bought a dump truck….I still don’t have any actual real experiences with it as I bought a project dump truck and it still sits in the project vehicle lineup in my yard.
We have a lot of the same issues in common, gooseneck’s, tight trails, muddy areas….etc.

Both defiantly have there pros an cons but what came down to dump truck vs trailer for me was my dump truck could double as a backup winter driver should mine or the wife’s truck die in the middle of winter, as well as something else I can put my plow on an have as a backup plow rig as well.
What I saw as cons for dump trailer was
-wet yards/tight areas
-mooch buddys wanting to borrow it all the time, hence why I’d get a gooseneck dump if I did, limits the amount of borrowers
-another trailer in my driveway all summer (already have a 40’ gooseneck And a 38’ boat trailer, can only imagine having a 3rd trailer to move every time I need to re-arrange driveway)
-more tires to keep from getting sun baked and dry rotting.

I was able to find a 85 k30 chev, 6.2/th400, 4x4, nice clean contractors dump box with the fold down sides, that was in pretty nice shape….minus the mild under hood electrical fire, scored that for $1700
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