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Just as it says looking for a drill press asap.
I burnt up the motor on this skil one. One use kind of deal thing but I got burnt.

I need to drill several 1/2 and larger holes into 1/4 steel.

Don't care about speeds, age, or weight. I would like a table top but that is just a transport thing. Most of my vices and other tooling is for a large table anyway.

Expecting something sitting in the corner covered in dust and overspray that has not been used in a while but able to drill into steel like butter.

The only thing it needs to be is 110 volts and to drill straight holes today with no modification.

I will bring out a piece of scrap and cash. Drill one hole using a new bit then we can dismantle it for transport.

Got one 3/4 heavy duty.

Thank you for looking.
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