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Don't want to pay $ it!

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We use a 30 gallon sprayer for the food plots at deer camp; previously the sprayer was just sitting on a HF hitch carrier, the hitch carrier would just attach to the hitch in the quad; however as you can guess...I don't think roughly 250lbs of tongue weight was in the design when they made the 1 1/4" hitch on the 4 wheeler. So inevitably the quad would sit with about zero weight on the front, and basically drag the carrier behind it.

Been meaning to build a cart for the sprayer for a long time, and since I decided to finally replace the axle on my utility trailer, it was the perfect time.

This is what I started with, was not really an "ok" setup even, but at least it still worked. The trailer it's sitting on is the one that got the new axle. The old axle was bent incredibly bad from the previous owner, it's just taken me...roughly 7 years to replace it lol

Since the axle was about...oh all of it, too long, The extra that I cut out made a perfect tongue for the cart. I'm not a welder by any means, but i'm still happy with how my welding comes out.

Can see from the tires, old ones that were on the trailer, that the axle was bent pretty bad. Those tires were brand new a couple years ago. Instead of buying new ones for the cart, Decided to just use the old trailer tires and buy new ones for the trailer itself. The new axle is a 5x4.5 bolt pattern anyway, old pattern was 5x5 for some reason.

This was my uncles "wiring"...surprised it worked as long as it did. Kind of guy that uses wire nuts for automotive/outdoor and just wraps it in electrical tape.

Redid the connections, and added a quick connect for the ATV battery, so you don't have to take off the front rack to hook up battery clamps anymore. Plus, with the quick connect, it can double as a connection for a battery charger if need be.

Mostly finished product. Couple tweaks I need to make. Want to make the sprayer part shorter so instead of sprayer 20-30ft, it can be adjusted to just spray 8 or 10ft, so I can spray our camp road without kiling everything 10ft on each side. I just want to keep the grass under control on the road itself. Then just need to add an extended hose to the suction line in the tank; the suction line just sites in the middle of the tank, and with the tank on a bit of an angle, the liquid pools to the front, away from the suction line. Also want to add a couple eyelets for the power wire too, just to keep it from dangling.
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maybe zip tie something heavy to pickup?
Might help as well, but still think it needs a longer hose so it sits at the lowest part of the tank, which would be the front since it's tilted slightly forward with the big ass tires on it
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Cool build! Love the idea of making something yourself instead of buying.
I love it in fact I need to build one for the farm also. I have all the shit setting around I just need to make time to do it.
It is little projects like this that I miss the most because of my lack of shop someday when I get my garage built I look forward to building little projects like this again.

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I have a 220 gal ibc tote, 1" gas water pump, and some beefy boomless spray nozzles waiting to make a sprayer setup for pesticide application in my yard. Needs a min of 2 gallons/1000 sqft so had to go with the gas pump to get the required flow.
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