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Build plan:
3-link front, double triangulated 4 link rear
Hydro assist
79 Ford D60 front, 5.38's, undecided locker
14 B rear, 5.38's, undecided locker
Flipped D300, possibly 231-D300 doubler....if I can find the right parts:sonicjay:
4 cyl to 4.0L conversion since it was missing the 4 cyl :sonicjay:
Full cage
Highline tube fenders
Non comp cut cut
Fuel cell
I'm sure there's more.......

The story:
I picked this up on the coldest day last year....remember when it was 0 deg for a high with a -20 windchill in Jan 08, yea that day:teehee:

We bolted a front axle under it with wheel bearings and put tires on to roll it onto the trailer. Was a 4 cylinder.....minus the 4 cylinder, front axle, rear ring and pinion, airbags deployed.
Put the hood and stood the grill in place to access the damage once I got it home.

Picked up half doors and uppers this summer, color is fugly but they'll serve the purpose.
Bought a take out 4.0L and AX-15 with computer, wiring ect this summer. S.Hembree, Pwilson22000 and I set that in a couple weeks ago and started it. Tucking that up as far as I can. Folded the pinch seam up and out of the way on the firewall when I pulled the engine back out. Gained about an inch of clearance for wiring and such :thumb:

Then it came back out and S.Hembree and I cut the frame to straighten it back out. This heep was in a front collision, the frame was 1.5" taller on the drivers side, had to cut the frame to twist it back to about where it's supposed to be.

Frame gave right under the 4 cylinder motor mount. Had to cut 3 sides and 1/2 way up the fourth before it would move.

Frame tacked in place, onto front crossmember/bumper. I will be transfering my 8274 from my XJ to this one when done so I've been building the front so that it will accept that winch. Bumpmember mocked up:

Still need to put another 4" section of 1/4 across the front and brace it back. Will have to drill holes after that but I want to have the winch sitting in the bumper before putting holes in.
Relocated steering box up and hopefully out of harms way. 2/3rds done :teehee::

Still need to tap the steering box for hydro assist.
Went to LKQ last weekend and pulled a 99+ intake for $18, put that on saturday and replaced the powersteering fluid tank with one that didn't have the tab broke off the back.

Got my 14 bolt SOLID diff cover that I won at the Sundowners Rodeo this week. Also ordered disc brake brackets and D300 flip/clocking ring early this week but didn't get anything in time for this weekend. Pic of 79 D60 front and 14B rear:

Started on my flat belly kit this afternoon. Doing this one cheap for now. We'll see how it turns out. Ends cut off and sledge hammered flat :teehee:

Comments/criticism welcome, that's where the good idea's come from. Sorry for crappy pics, keep forgetting the camera.

Are you cooool maaaann?
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Gonna be sweet, we must have picked our Jeeps up on the same day in Jan. because I remember freezing my balls off when we picked up the cherokee. I think my Jeep came home in a little better shape than yours tho from what the pics look like:thumb: Good luck.

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Welded bumper up, it's part way finished. Need to lay winch in to get the thing fully boxed in and I would like to have the grill and engine in place prior to burning the bumper home.

Got clocking ring spacer made and installed

Need to clear for the top 2 holes with the DD machine dual clocking ring for D300 to Ax-15FWIW
Pulled front axle out of the way and welded the frame back together. Fishplated the outer. Tried to get fancy and put a "509" in but it'll probably end up getting filled with weld and ground down.:teehee:

I need suggestions for the inner fishplate,it's bent badly. I tried to take a pic but couldn't get the 3-d contour to show up in 2d...go figure :sonicjay:

As it sits now:

Going to wheel the cherokee tomorrow and get back to putting a fishplate on the inner, putting engine back in, working on flat belly Sunday.
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