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Diabetic Test Strips

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Well about 2 years ago i found out that my dad was diabetic. To make things worse, i found out recently that i have a good chance of being diabetic due to my lifestyle for the past few years, and in 2 weeks im going to find out weather i am or not. Anyways, i have decided that to help others in my families situation, im going to work on helping people that cannot afford, or dont have insurance to cover thier test strips. since the strips are so expensive, i have found this to be very helpful for some people! to help me, i am asking people that have extra strips laying around, whatever the reason, maybe you could donate to my cause. As a thank you, i can afford to pay $5 for a 50 pack and $10 for a 100 pack of strips. you can either get a hold of me on here or call me at 810-240-2595. im working a lot of hours lately so i might not answer, but ill get a hold of you as soon as possible. all that i ask is that the strips aren't expired and in the original packaging. also, i live in west virginia now, so we would have to work out shipping and such, however, im sure we can figure it out. thank you in advance.
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ive got some. ill have to check the expiration date on them. ill also ask around ive been type 1 diabetic for 16 years, my sister has been type 1 diabetic for 10 years, and my mom is diabetic type 2, and my grandpa died of diabetic complications. it runs in my family. lol.
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