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Dead short

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I have a 79 Blazer with a sbc the one in my avatar anyway i took a test light and ran to the + side of the battery and the + side wire going to the starter and the test light is bright..... so i pulled my fuzes one at a time and the light never went out unhooked alt., and checked wires for burns and grounding any ideas im stumped. Pm me if you could asap so i can get it fixed thanks:beerbang:
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Ok, so does it charge while running? Volt meter across battery terminals while running 14 v+. Or you can try (Engine off all accessories off) pulling off the ground terminal from the battery and then connecting an amp meter in series from the neg post on battery to neg ground cable. Read amp draw. Then proceed to pull fuses one at a time till amp draw drops. Note, some things like radios and alarm systems are always drawing a small amount of current. Give this a try to narrow down your search.
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