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Dead short

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I have a 79 Blazer with a sbc the one in my avatar anyway i took a test light and ran to the + side of the battery and the + side wire going to the starter and the test light is bright..... so i pulled my fuzes one at a time and the light never went out unhooked alt., and checked wires for burns and grounding any ideas im stumped. Pm me if you could asap so i can get it fixed thanks:beerbang:
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since I like guessing games I will try and decifer this thread.

I am guessing that he lost all power and it won't crank? if I am correct then he either blew the fuse link above the starter or he lost the one on the fire wall junction block above the distributor? either one would make him loose system power and still have power to the main wire at the starter.

IF by chance he just has a starter issue then it may be he has insufficient grounds or loss of contact to the body with bad cabling. if that's the case then he should undo and re connect every body ground chassis ground and engine to frame,body and battery. make sure the surfaces are not painted where cables connect. paint is an insulator it carries no current.

IF that is all good then you may have a bad starter. have someone turn the key while you tap on it with a hammer. if it takes off and goes you found your problem.
I'm glad we are on the right track now.

I am thinking if you have a draw then there can be bad relay, fuse or other thing keeping it on. one of my favorite things to find is stereo wiring that was jumpered into main circuits avoiding fuses and switches. never seems to fail that the problem acures right after an install. if you do have stuff like that under your dash or worse yet main lined to your battery please disconnect what isn't factory. its very hard to diagnose what we know shouldn't be on a circuit.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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