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Dead short

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I have a 79 Blazer with a sbc the one in my avatar anyway i took a test light and ran to the + side of the battery and the + side wire going to the starter and the test light is bright..... so i pulled my fuzes one at a time and the light never went out unhooked alt., and checked wires for burns and grounding any ideas im stumped. Pm me if you could asap so i can get it fixed thanks:beerbang:
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starter aint shorted so anymore ideas
it cranks it starts it runs it just DRAINS THE BATTERY and im trying to find out why its not a guessing game i just wanta figure out what is wrong!!
well thanks guys and as for the radio it was fcuked up i rewired it RIGHT lol and this guy had everything taped together instead of doing it right this guy i bought it off of was a dipshit when it came to wiring but it is charging it has a brand new battery so ill try what pipepro sug thanks guys
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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