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I've noticed a lot of questions and conserns going around the site in the past 2 days. If anyone wants me to pull your credit, e-mail it to you, and go over with you, so you don't have to post to everyone you financial situation. I'd be happy too. As I've told several of you before I'm a Mortgage Broker I have been in the Mortgage business for 11yrs and have closed over $320million in loans.
I know what you want to know about credit and what you should know. Being a broker the banks let me pull your credit all three XPN, EFX and TRU for free. Everything is confidential and I'd be more than happy to help anyone on this site or your families. Just PM me or you can call me at 248-568-0322:thumb:

Sorry to jump off wheeling topics.

Thanks Chris

Managing Partner
Kennedy Mortgage Inc.
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