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With all the shutdowns/quarantines looming and a lot more coming into effect after todays announcement, I'm going to try and offer the steepest deals I can. I know money is tight and times are tense, but for those with forced downtime I'm hoping to be able to save you some money and get you some stress relief out in the garage/shop to tinker (or would it be added stress for the way most "simple" tasks go?).

Shoot me a message with any and all parts you need and I will do my best to offer you the best deal I can (whether it be new or used parts). I'm not trying to jump on the bandwagon to make sales, more so trying to help others with an outlet to be productive and get their minds off of everything. Whether its parts big or small, or even some tech help feel free to reach out and I will respond as promptly as I can. If needed I can even give my cell number out to help if you've got questions with set-up patterns, or anything related that needs visual input.

Hope you all and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy out there.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts