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Couple pics inside the Jeep plant

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So this last Friday (May 14th) a group of us got to tour around the factory. I don't have as good recollection as others do about the whole thing (Other than the fact it was pretty freakin' cool). But I'm gonna post all the photos that they took of us. We weren't allowed to take in our own cameras, and this is what we were given.

All of us being told how the factory works and a general history of Jeep:

Along the assembly line.

One of the finished products. (The line manager came running up during this picture since we stopped the line and he wasn't aware. :rofl:)

All of us out front with our Jeeps showing off as best as we could.

perty fun day
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toledo jeep not jefferson north in detroit.

toledo jeep it the REAL jeep factory even though it's on the site of what used to be the stickney ave assy plant.

the 'real' jeep plant on the south side of I75 was bulldozed. it was soooooo antiquated that in some sections they pushed the bodies on wheeled carts from one section to the other by HAND.

glad you folks got the tour!!!!!!!:rock:

In the late 80's I used to take environmental samples for testing from various places in the old Jeep plant. The old plant was a labyrinth of halls, passageways, mystery rooms, and ramps that went from one building addition to the next. The old plant had a very gritty and antiquited feel to it. All in all, a very cool place to be in and think about history of the facility and how it helped us win WWII.
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