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Counter offering

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I have never out right sold a vehicle I own, I'm too greedy I like to keep them.

Well i put my explorer up for sale a couple weeks ago on CL.

I had a guy from Saginaw call me tonight and he JUST saw in on CL and said If I will take $2500 Cash he will coem get it tomorrow.

I do not want to take $2500 cash, thats like $800 less than I'm asking my obo price.

How do I go about like counter offering with this guy who has never seen or driven my vehicle?
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I've had a couple people look at it. $2500 is the second cash offer I've gotten but the truck still Kbbs for like $3390, the first cash offer was for $2200 from a kid who told me he had to ask his mom first if it was ok. So I don't want to take the first couple dollars thrown my way.

And I'm just to the point of how can you offer me some money without even driving the dang thing or seeing it in person.
Ive had vehicles for sale and ppl want you to cut the price in half. No doubt you will have to buy another vehicle to replace this one? if so your short changing yourself in the process.
Tell him you cant go that low but you "do" want to sell. "Stop by and look it over and then we can settle on a price.
Good luck.

Actually I don't need to buy a vehicle to replace it, I did that back in April. The Explorer makes vehicle number 4 for me, no one else drives them but me.
I am probably going to call him back but I'm def. not taking $2500. I can keep it and get more use out of it for that.
I think you should sell it to him for $2k and a bj.

I can tell just by how he sounds on the phone he isn't anyone I'd mess with.

I have a feeling if he does buy it, it will get gigantic rims and like 40 tvs and some crazy skittles paint job..haha

Actually for the year the truck is pretty clean, no wheel well rot, no hatch rot, etc, I've taken very good care of it.
So your racist? If you have a thing against black guys, go with poder_bobs idea.

No I'm not racist by any means. I just don't want to see something I've had for a long as time destroyed :(

I can't take the first cash offer of $2200 because the kids mom probably said no :sonicjay:
Clapped out?

There is nothing wrong with the truck, no rust, minus the couple small spots of surface rust, brand new exhaust and cats, new transfer case, interior is in great shape, everything works etc.

My Explorer looks better than 98% of the 2nd gens I see
No reliabilty issues at all. I just bought a 98 Dodge with a Cummins so I have my new 4wd vehicle, I have my car, my motorcycle and the Explorer. I don't need to sell the Explorer but if I can get what I'd like then I will.

Now onto those Explorers in my area.

1st one - Older, way more miles, only 4wd. Mines AWD. Makes a diff (not a big one but options wise yes)

2nd - Older, way more miles, not as many options, 4Wd not AWD

3rd, Newer by a year, but has a new motor and tranny. I don't even consider that a comparison.

I've had no issues with it leaking at all. I usually park it 6-8 months out of the year depending on when the snow comes and drive my car, never once have I had a leak or an issue with it at all.

No oral for anyone thanks, I'm not desperate ;)

I called the guy back tonight to try to hash out what I felt was a fair deal. Some chick answered and told me she would have him call me back in 10min. It's been 3 hours, soooo I will try to call back tomorrow I guess...
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I sold my explorer last year for $2450 which was ~1000 less than I paid. It was a 98 Body near perfect 4x4, but had almost 200,000 miles. I would say $2500 is good, but push for 26-27 hundred bucks.
I think If I could get 2800-2900 for it I would be happy.
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