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coronavirus, we're all gonna die..

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Let's hear what the smartest group of people on earth think about it....

Are we doomed?:beer::beerbang::whiz:

PS Wash ur damn hands...
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Agreed. We can't fix stupid and we can only protect it to a certain level.

RE the religious part, I am religious. The way I view this is different than those still going to church. I trust in God to protect me. This does not mean I can go out and sit shoulder to shoulder with others of faith and he will keep me safe. Rather, I trust in God to give me, my wife and family good judgement to not be blindly stupid.
Best argument for what faith is, right there.

Of course you can. just because you let people use their motorboats doesn't mean bars and restaurants will open. Just because they say it's OK for small groups of friends to get together to play golf doesn't mean the Major League Baseball is going to decide that it's OK to gather 50,000 fans together to watch a game. Just because they tell people it's OK for them to go to their place up north doesn't mean concert promoters will start planing concerts.
Maybe you have more faith in people that I do. Once an inch is given, the mass population will take a foot.
I also heard about the testing being done and the findings are quite interesting. It may come out that just maybe 80 percent of the population have antibodies to corona. The ones tested didn't even notice they were sick. Once they do more testing we may realize that we had no reason to shut down a booming economy. Next year this time we will know.
Another question is if and when they come out with a vaccine how many woud be willing to get it and if not would any have a problem being forced to get it or else you can't go to the stores and shop etc.

This virus really doesn't care if you're smart stupid rich or poor. For some reason it has not attached the transgender community:confused:
As far as the flooding...there is plenty of evidence. You will not find it in any history books from school case they will not teach it. If you are interested I can forward you a few links.
If all the people from the churches did leave I could see the world getting in a real bad place quickly. The Christian church does more for humanity than you know.

Every decent faith claims this exact same thing. Cast aside your pride and acknowledge that another faith could do just as much as yours.
I didn't think we could get more ridiculous than trying to solve a pandemic but now we are bringing religion into this? I'm getting popcorn for this shit show

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It's a conversation with aber (and myself, apparently).

Religion is bound to get involved
Ok then tell me how much Islam or any other religion has done for the world? I'm just saying that the Christian community has done more for humanity than any other organized religion.

Let me guess, you're a man trapped in a woman's body?:teehee:

funny how that's the first thing you like to go to...make a guy (girl?) wonder...
So you’re cool with a openly bigoted person bringing up something that furthers their agenda that has nothing to do with the topic? Every chance he gets he bashes the gays,
I think he musta gotten blown by a transgendered person that looks like Monica lewinsky

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Yep, we're cool with it.
My company is set to roll out the back to work plan this Friday at noon. Maybe they should wait until after halfwits address.
I wouldn't make a plan like that until after whitmer decides to announce something actually informative
I'm back at work today.....but I've got 180k square feet of badass Jeeps and trucks all to myself.
It looks like at least some of the increase is due to more testing in the west and north parts of the state. The percent positive/negative for southeast is staying the same or falling.
part of those numbers are from us here in the alpena area. A nursing home resident passed away and was found to have covid-19; so they tested literally everyone at every nursing home/care home.

looks like almost everyone that works in those homes are positive too.
For some reason, this reminds me of this (quoted from da googlezzz). =

However, under sharia law, women are required to cover all of their bodies except hands and face. Covering the face is the subject of some divergence of opinion amongst the scholars – some consider it to be compulsory since the face is the major source of attraction, whilst others consider it to be highly recommended.

How much does it really help to wear a mask? Most things I see say the advantages are nil...
I'll wear a face covering when they start giving them out. It doesn't help like they think, and to me, gives people a false sense of security. They think because they're wearing some shitty home built mask they're safe.

Tell me I HAVE to wear one, it's required? Hell fuck no.

Just like the dumbfucks at my work. They're requirng you to wear a make when in contact with people less than 6 ft apart; and provided us masks. Except they only provided one mask, and what? We're just supposed to keep reusing it? One mask for a month or two? What the fawk?
From what I've been hearing she might as well have just ended it. I've heard of all sorts of non essential businesses planning to open back up now

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Had to take my grandpa for an INR appointment; every open store was packed. It looked like a normal weekday lunchtime.
Are the first 41 pages worth reading?

I can't believe it took a pandemic to get so much activity going on in here.
In all seriousness I hope all of you and your families stay safe & healthy.
They are not. Skip to like the last 3, but even those are pretty much all the same
ER Physician Drops Multiple COVID-19 Bombshells - YouTube

Covid is real. People are dying from this just like people die from so many diseases and we don't shut down entire country because of it.
Right from the start I thought there is something else happening here and things are not adding up.
The cure will be worse that the disease if we don't open up the country.
More and more people are thinking the same. The link is about two doctors that see that something else is happening. They have an hour long clip but this one is summed up in about 2 min. You can go to the hour one to hear it all if you like.

Reinforces my view that I don't trust anyone on national TV, or really anyone. Take what they say and guarantee you can throw out 50% of what they say; just a hard guess as to what 50%.
Yes, that should be the case. It would eventually "burn out" because it won't hang around as long.
I remember them saying that this wouldn't be nearly as severe if it weren't not a novel virus. It seems like everyone has kept to the idea that it's bad because no one has ever had it.

Seems like I remember reading some "experts" saying that this virus will continue to come around like a normal flu season once people have had it at least one time. It will not be nearly as bad, even if it mutates, because the base virus will still be the same.
Quit trying to compare it to the flu. That's the dumbest argument you can come up with, it's completely asinine. Yes, our numbers are lower than the flu BECAUSE WE TOOK DRASTIC ACTIONS. This has also been 2 months of COVID that you're comparing to 12 months of flu. This also isn't nearly gone or done. There are still over 20k new cases in the US PER DAY. Seems to be averaging 1500-2000 new deaths in the US PER DAY. Most of those death prediction models were through August. It's April. And a month or more older model is useless now, because the situation is constantly evolving, actions taken are changing, information is changing, even the virus is changing. Much of what we knew 6 weeks ago is not applicable today.

You ignore these giant variables that drastically skew the numbers and sound like a freaking idiot. If you're going to try to make comparisons, get your facts straight first. But you won't, because that won't meet your boneheaded agenda.

Sorry, but I'm just really, really sick of you spewing your willful ignorance.
aber does not understand facts, never had, and probably never will.
This is what I keep watching.

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yea, that trend is very weird.
So you admit you're an intolerant hater of people with a different view.:thumb:
so, you admit that you're just picking and choosing what to point out because it disregards all the issues brought up with your "theories"?

Or are saying that you're intolerant and a hater?

See what I did there
that was a pretty interesting article
I can see a shortage happening, but not like shortage as in no meat at all...but shortage like a limited selection of products available, limited amounts...etc. As said earlier, more of inconveniences than actual shortages.

But, as already mentioned too; people panic buying will take an inconvenience shortage and turn it into actual shortages with no one having regular meet available. That is 100% believable because it happens all the time, even without pandemics going on.

wife and I bought a 1/4 beef last year from our supplier and were talking about doing it again, definitely worth it. We want to get one again, but have been waiting cause we're not low on meat at all, but i'm concerned about running out. But guess it is what it is, we have what we need right now, so we've been holding off just to let others get what they need.

Probably what is going to bite us in the ass later on.
That sounds really good right now.
hellz yea.
Yup, and likely the models too. I can't wait for the antibody test to be up and running.
have not heard anything much more about the antibody test. Which I think means one of two things: 1) Not going to do it and they are going to push it to the side and "forget" about doing it 2) They've been doing it, and found that it completely changes what they "knew" about CV and would really make a lot of people look bad
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