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coronavirus, we're all gonna die..

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Let's hear what the smartest group of people on earth think about it....

Are we doomed?:beer::beerbang::whiz:

PS Wash ur damn hands...
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She seems fixated on gas pumps which is one of the easiest things to protect from. But wait.......... you can still ride an ORV. Go figure. :confused:
Last I checked, petroleum was a solvent, and the virus is killed by dissolving the lipid layer, which is why we wash our hands.

maybe i'm wrong, but i'm not worried about getting the virus on a gas nozzle handle.
You wash the gas handle with gas? I don't understand what you're getting at here?

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there's gas on everything there, not that it's doused in it, but still has gas particles all over the area; i'm not any more afraid of getting the virus from a gas pump handle than I am from opening my car door.
But would you let a hooker spit in your mouth? There's gotta be a line here, just trying to figure out where it's at.

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well that escalated quickly :sonicjay:
So, one of the articles in my local paper talked about the death rate not being accurate for a daily count; as testing is matching up previous deaths being related to CV-19; so the rate for that day is skewed as those people did not die that day, but rather we just realized they died from the virus; it may have been weeks or months ago.

so, what the hell is actually going on. There's way to many articles, and other "stuff" out there about numbers, how they're calculated, and how deaths are being reported even if the person died of like a heart attack.
Right, your last statement makes all the difference. I have no doubt there are some deaths listed as Covid-caused that aren't entirely accurate. But I don't think it's enough to be statistically relevant or change any of the information about where we stand.

A fatal heart attack of a person who wouldn't be in the hospital dying of a heart attack if their body weren't fighting a deadly virus is still directly related to the virus. It's not like the person was already in the hospital dying of a heart attack but they coughed, so they changed the cause to covid. It's just people grasping at straws so they can have someone/something to blame. It's a coping mechanism.
My point is, if you're saying that CV-19 deaths are listed as, say 300 today, but really it's only 50, and the others were from weeks ago, then that could put a huge change on policies, same with listed CV cases; how does that mean that CV-19 cases aren't skewed the same way; thought I don't see is it being possible for that to be the case for thousands, but maybe some.

It's just part of what is actually going that isn't being told...has nothing to do with a coping mechanism (at least for me), there are a lot of people that still think this whole thing is a hoax. Me, I think people dying is being used to prop up someones political career, and the numbers are being fudged to support it.
Whos political career?
Exactly. There's people that say it's our governor; I don't have a lot of problems with what she's been doing policy wise, other than it sucks. Other people would say X republican.

Me, I think it's politicians, not just one. This whole virus is too sweet an opportunity for the government to stick their greasy hands into something under the guise of "it's necessary"; and keep them there.
This stuff worries me as well.... I understand sending a few to slaughter for the quick buck to stay in business. It's also about $6 a day to feed a dry cow. I also understand capacity issues, this shit is nuts though to me. When we try to recover the now limited supply is going to send prices through the roof. This is from a random FB post:

"A large factory farm is much easier to control, and when they control the food supply they control the people. Something just doesn't add up".
I agree with this, a lot. The food demand, if not at least least going up, then it is staying the same; people are still buying food and lots of it. If the demand was down then shelves wouldn't be empty, milk wouldn't be down to a bare minimum in the fridges.

Is it distribution, they can't get it to the stores? Is it packaging, they can't package the food stuffs from the producers? It's not a production issue when they're telling farmers to cull cows, slow production, and letting fruits and veggies rot in fields.

So how crazy is it, that all this stimulus shit is tied to the food industry; they are manufacturing a "shortage" to skyrocket demand and control production, in order to pay themselves back the money they made up out of thin air to make the 2.2 trillion dollar stimulus package. They cut the little guy independent producers to shift everything to government controlled large facilities.

Everything falls back to, the government wants more, permanent, control.
I don't think either of those arguments hold any water.

Regarding deaths and the day: First off, death rate doesn't really matter to the policy changes as much as infection. It's just a statistic. Policies seem to be primarily based around new infection rates and everyone's favorite buzzwords: flattening the curve. That tells us how we're doing with controlling the spread, which in turn will affect death rates. Death rate is a secondary issue. And since extreme cases requiring a ventilator typically drag out, it's not going to follow the same trend in the same timeframe. IIRC a dying patient is often on a ventilator for 7-14 days. So they're likely dying 14-21 days or more after onset of symptoms and a positive diagnoses. This statistic is going to follow behind case count. And as a whole, I'd say the statistical trend is still valid, it's not going to be be wrong by 600%, that's just silly. Any one day isn't really that telling, we need to look at statistical trends. The same errors stretched over multiple days or weeks will still show what we need them to, whereas a single day could skew things much more.

Regarding politics: This isn't a local or a national issue. It's worldwide. Everyone is battling this, people are dying from it everywhere, and social isolation and more are the standard because we have no other tools at our disposal as a species. Yes there are variables in how different countries deal with it, some based on government and societal differences. But it's everywhere. There are political games and you can bet your asss both sides will take advantage of what they can, just like they always have and always will. Never let a crisis go to waste, right? Yes, careers will be propped up by this. The fearmongering media will also maximize the fear because fear=ratings. The media and government will milk this for everything it's worth, guaranteed. But this is still a worldwide pandemic and those details are negligible in the big picture, just like the small minority of falsely reported deaths. People are obsessed with grasping onto every statistical inaccuracy or questionable tactic as if it gives them some sort of control or leg up on the situation. It's good to be informed, it's good to be skeptical, but all of these things are still just a drop in the bucket in the big picture scenario.
Well put, I can't really argue with any of that
I'll be labelled racist for this in many places... but THIS is why the minorities are dying more.
Because, statistically, minorities live in more open cultural communities that thrive on face to face contacts, and have a long history of not listening to "the man", and are less likely to go to hospitals for care or follow stay-at home orders?

not just minorities, it's really the lower SES communities as well.
I think a lot of them, like our Governor, are doing things so that when it's over they can take credit for it being over.
Yep, that I can definitely see.

Tinfoil hat warning (missed the last one)-

How crazy would it be that the government passed a 2.2 trillion dollar stimulus package, that they can't pay for, and just skyrocketed inflation. So in response to that, they manufacture a food shortage in the short term, to long term take over food production by kicking out all the little guy producers, and having the whole industry owned and operated by mega corporations that are in the governments pocket and who can exploit much more money from, easier and quicker? To pay for said stimulus, and to pad their pocket at the same time. Goes back to the previous posts about diary producers being told to dump millk, let crops rot...etc. Why would the shelves in store start to get more empty than they've ever been in my life time, yet food is going to waste.
You are thinking too hard.

Do I think politicians are spinning this to boost their cause/ popularity/ agenda? Yes
Do I think there is a master plan to do things like you suggest above? No.
I've never been accused of thinking too hard :sonicjay:

I do firmly believe that everything is controlled by the government, in every way possible. I do believe that very little happens by chance, and the majority of everything "major" that goes on was either already known about far, far in advance, meant to happen, or actually caused purposefully.
it got my mom.
shit man, condolences for your loss.
Alright now that's just fukked up. I don't necessarily agree with the people protesting, but from what I've seen they were being reasonable and responsible about this. They were exercising their right to peacefully protest, and doing it in such a way to practice social distancing. I get the argument against non-essential travel and the safety aspect of purposeful gridlock, but the authorities blocking exits is a very poor choice IMO. Just fanning of the flames with little to no benefit. Pretty stupid.
Doesn't matter what the governor says, IMO she cannot take away a constitutional right to assemble, no matter what "emergency" power she has. Doesn't mean that people SHOULD be doing it, but for her, or anyone to say they can temporarily suspend it, and have the authority to do so, is ludicrous to me.

So Michigan has the 3rd highest confirmed covid19 cases in the country and most of yas are bitching the government has gone too far. Hmmmmm. If the government didn’t do enough and you guys were number 1 would yas still be bitching ? Or if one of your loved ones who were healthy got it and died would yas be bitching ? Guess since it hit the Detroit area the hardest most of yas don’t care

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About the detroit area? No, that whole shit hole caused their own problems and was long since a tumor on this state before the virus hit. Of course Detroit has the highest number of cases. IT has the single most international traffic in the state, with some of the shittiest communities. They also have a high number of poorer communities, populated by people that don't follow anything the government tells them to do, let along a social distancing order

Detroit also isn't the only part of the state either; yet all the policies seem to be based off of what is going on in that area. There's a lot more to this state than a 100 mile radius.
I'd really like to physically assault tucker. I loath every time that guy speaks. It's not even a political thing, I just hate everything about him, personally; like how every time he talks it sounds like he has a mouthful of gauze, and I imagine that he has a huge drooling problem.

My love of tucker aside; one thing I loved about Michigan, was that we were hardly ever in the national news. Least that I saw and heard about. We're not a "big issue" state, and mostly follow along after some other states start some shit. I loved that, nobody bothers us, we just go along doing our Michigan shit. Then this asshat Whitmer has to come along and fuck all that up. She's just got to start arguing like a little child, going on national TV, because of shit she started, and apparently can't even finish.
Tucker is a different kind of guy, that's for sure. His approach s not what we have become accustomed to for a opinion host.
He does ask the hard questions and brings up great arguments. He did hit whitmer right between the eyes with his piece on her and called her out for being somewhat of a over reaching nazi with her tactics.
Myself I kinda like him. He does act like a little kid at times with how he laughs at some of his guests.
He's not different, that's his problem. Politically, he's just another toolbag; the exact same as that dochnozzle from CNN. He doesn't bring up any arguments that haven't already been brought up on better shows, like Hannity.

As much as it sounds insulting, it does not surprise me at all that you like Tucker.

Except for Detroit culture, pro team sports bloopers, Flint water, fluctuations in the auto industry, Great Lakes water rights, Betsy DeVos. . . not nearly in the news as much as, say, Nebraska. :finger:
Yea, got that, but really, even that shit was something that wasn't directly caused by the governor. Detroit is a POS because of everyone there, flint water because it's flint...etc. Maybe i'm stretching here, but I see it as there's no reason why Michigan should be in the national news for our governor being a blowhard.
Last few days growth has been under 750 new cases a day in Michigan. Not sure if thus is delayed impact off Easter or if it is truly dropping.

What's the thought on if everything starts opening May 1?

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I personally think May 1 is too early. There's still a fuck load of new cases a day...that's a day. even if it's only 500 new cases a day until may 1, that's what....6,000 new cases? 20% more.
Many of Whitmer's most overreaching policies seems to come from her fear of gas pumps, which was apparently driven by some anecdote about someone she knew or heard of that went up north to their cabin and got the virus and blamed it on a gas stop along the way. Even if gas pump nozzle handles prove to be a major source of infection, it would seen to me that the risk could be mitigated with the proper use of disposable glove and sanitizers. If whitmer really feels the need to "do something" that she can take credit for she could mandate that gas stations supply gloves and sanitizer. Then relax the regulations on non essential travel and other things that might make people want to buy gas.
Agreed 100% with this. It would not be that difficult for gas stations to provide gloves, as many already do for diesel fuel. The gas pump argument didn't make sense to me from the beginning.

The problem though with this, is there is money in it for them, and it's a field that is not inundated with cash often. People often think of researchers as a whole as being somewhat altruistic and not corrupt-able. I've seen first hand researchers that don't speak up on certain issues because it is better for their career long term not to. If one speaks up, then they aren't sent the cash anymore. They are out to make a living as much as anyone else and will ride that money train as long as they can.
As sad as it is, there's huge money for someone to make off the whole situation, and sure as a bear shits in the woods; they're going to make it
Look at the link I’ve posted above a couple times. It updates daily at 3:00. Number of daily new cases are coming down. Number of daily new deaths are coming down. This shows we are (hopefully) past the peak of the curve. So yes, the numbers are coming down.
The number of new cases is down, the number of deaths is down....but there's still hundreds of new cases and hundreds of death how does that mean "open it up"?
I still think the 'solution' may kill as many as the virus. I've had friends turned down 4x for unemployment, if they could even get it. I have friends that have built businesses for 25-50 years that are in danger of never opening again, and lost retirements.

A friend posted what their mortgage company offered for forbearance. yeah, no payments for 4 months, the full back amount due the 5th month ($6k+ after having no job?) lots of houses and businesses and lives ruined. I do not trust our government to help, besides with what money?
I can't really comment on the money issue, my wife and I have been very lucky in that regard. The unemployment issue was always going to be a problem (not that makes it all better), hundreds of thousands of people all applying at the same time????

I really don't think there is even a way to have a "soft" re-opening, or a re-opening in stages. Once one stage hits, then everyone is going to go out, and act like nothing changed. It's all or nothing, just because that's how a mass thinks.
So what is the number that is "safe"? Zero, 50, 100? Pick your number. The reasoning has been that this is far worse than influenza. Now it's looking to be about on par. So if this drops below the influenza numbers, is that good enough? Or then is it time to go on lock down for influenza?

All you guys saying we need to stay on lock down - Pick a number that you are willing to attach your name to. :poke:

To this above,
Want to talk about deaths at a horrible rate? In the USA, there are more than 1,000 abortions EVERY FUCKING DAY, 365 days a year.

There are 3,000 deaths per month by car accidents.

What about smoking? Close to 500,000 deaths per year and 40,000 deaths from SECOND HAND SMOKE.

All of the above are preventable.

Society has proven to have "acceptable" levels of preventable deaths. The list goes on and on.

So what is "good enough"?
I think a number less than the flu would be more reasonable to use; it doesn't change anything about how much more contagious this is than anything else. -as I typed that, I just heard about the testing in CA about many many more people have had covid-19 and recovered than thought-

Don't do the democrate thing and start bringing up anything and everything and act like they're the same thing
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