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I start fitting my parts together for pre welding and begin cleaning up the holes fitting my 5/8 bolts through and they are fitting perfectly tight until I get to the 4th hole. The one that is off is on the template I used to make all the brackets on. 64 5/8 holes drilled around 20 hours and I did not even get to the grinding stage. I may be able to save my large brackets that only have 3 holes of adjustment I am checking those Friday. But the small ones in my profile picture are scrap.

So before I go through cutting the 3/8 steel with a skill saw then drilling another 40 5/8 holes and maybe another 24 5/8 holes if the large ones are messed up lets just see how expensive it is to have these cut all professional like.

The small brackets are 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide. They have 5 5/8 holes centered a inch from the bottom and a inch from the outer edge for 8" center to center of the holes. The 5 holes are stacked vertically from the bottom a inch off the edge to the center of the bottom hole then a inch to the center of each hole higher.

Between the holes I have a cutout for the bolt of the slider to cycle through. I believe it is 4" tall and 6" wide off of the top of my head. The edges are 5/8 bevel I used a drill bit offset it so just the edge of the cutout is shown to give a curved edge and prevent a cracking point. I would like to reproduce this.

The large pieces are 11.75" long and have the same inch from the edges and inch up pattern but only have 3 holes. so 9.75 between the holes

I have 8 brackets that are 2" tall with the hole drilled a inch from the edge and a inch up. I need 4 of the 10" ones and 4 od the 11.75 ones.

There are two concerns that I have with cnc cutting. The first is that the area between the holes is rather small and that area may become hot and effect further cuts. I need these holes to be dead on and the bevel needs to be straight. I am passing a 5/8 bolt through the outer plate through the inner two brackets then to the inner plate. I want these holes tight requiring a hammer to be used to install the bolts. Very minimal over sizing and absolutely no bevel.

The second is the bevel of the cut. I am placing a good amount of weight on these brackets that is why they are 3/8 thick. I am passing the bolt through 1.5" of steel to prevent the holes from oblonging in any way. I have left myself room to correct a oblong issue later on basically welding another correct sized hole on the inner brackets and another outer plate. But, if the bevel is off from the start that will lead to the bolt not riding on the surface correctly and such.

I am doing a lot of this stuff using nothing more then hand tools. I had to break down to get the drill press I currently have and am glad I did.. Right now these brackets being cut would be fantastic.

I have some 1/4 plate for other parts of the suspension and if this 3/8 thing goes good I would like to move those onto someone also.

None of my pieces are larger then I want to say 18" off the top of my head. Everything should be able to be done via 4x4. I simply need to know what size to have it cut so that you can brace it on your table. I know where there is some 3/8" that is 12" tall and like 30 feet long that these pieces can be cut out of and such. The 1/4' thick pieces I already have 4 2'x2' sheets that have not been touched yet. They have the same 5 holes of adjustment and 3 holes of adjustment. But these pieces are fixed with no gaps between the spring and bracket, without the slider, for less stress then the 3/8 pieces will see.

Well I knew I seen someone on here offered CNC cutting and here it is.

But that member has not been on here for a while.

I can easily get the plates and bring it to them. If anyone knows how to contact this person please have them pm me or give me info to contact them via a pm please.
Otherwise if there is any members on here with a 4x4 within 50 miles of Grand Rapids that have the equipment to accuracy cut the holes we can have a sit down to discuss the best way to make this work.

Sorry for the book and such. Thank you for any help and your interest.

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Going to get some more steel here next Saturday. I know where I messed up using that previous under powered skil pos drill press. This current one has a larger table and is able to hold my bigger vise.

If someone knows someone kind of deal chime in. If not contacted by Saturday I will just drill and cut them myself again. If I screw up $60 or $120 worth of steel to get it right so be it.

Thank you for looking.
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