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cleaning out the junk I dont want anymore...more stuff added 6-6-10

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just want to get rid of some stuff, probably to make room to collect more junk that I will never use...prices are all OBO, may consider trades on ???, tools, maybe some lumber to add on to my deck, lanscapeing materials, patio furniture...but no car stereo equipment or paintball stuff please...if your interested in multiple items, make an offer on a package deal...will surely be adding to this list

sorry, but no shipping. I just dont really have the time to take anything somewhere to deal with that, and I also do not use PayPal

3 blade mower deck off an older Crafstman, deck is in good shape, everything moves freely, think its a 52 inch cut or so, can verify that later...I was going to add the Briggs engine posted below and make a pull behind offset mower for cleaning out the pine tree row along my property without getting wacked in the face with pine branches $15

Tracker wheels sold

set of 4 Wild Trac radials, 31/10.5/15 tires only, decent usable shape $30, still need to dismount two of them though back up for sale tires dismounted and ready to be picked up anytime

Ford 4 speed (3 speed with granny) was behind a 390, worked fine when pulled, been sitting a few years, mostly inside $50 SOLD

NV242 WJ, has a date of 6/17/99 on it, not sure what it came out of but I believe it was a Grand Cherokee $65

couple of hitches, both look to be 2" balls, drop hitch $10 pintle $20 DEAL PENDING ON PINTLE HITCH

radiator and shroud from a 2000 F250 SD with a 5.4, both in good shape $40

universal auto floor shifter, no gates or lockouts except park, no cable or linkage, just the shifter and boot $5 DEAL PENDING

set of reconditioned heads for a 94 Ford 3.8...engine was rebuilt and ran very little, maybe 30-40 hours, then swapped the top half out and put the engine in a 96 Windstar. Actually, I have all the parts to assemble a 3.8 for a 94 (intake, injectors, brackets, etc) and the shortblock from the 96, but I'll only say that it is rebuildable $125 for all of it

four 3" lift blocks and a couple of body lift blocks...$5 a pair, $10 for all of them DEAL PENDING

pair of stock cv shafts from a 1988 Toyota 4Runner, one boot is ripped $15 for the pair

one tailight for a early 90's Tracker, right side, $5

30:1 90 degree gear reduction unit...use it to build a rotisserie, large engine stand, some sort of winch, etc...this was used for a stationary hydraulic winch system before, and I do have the hydraulic motor that was running it, will post that later $50 SOLD

OTC digital pressure and temperature meter...has temp probe, 4 pressure transducers, and 2 extension cables for the pressure transducers, in the original plastic missing the male end of the quick couplers, but you can get replacements or swap to a different coupler or thread the transducers in directly $150 price on this is FIRM since it would cost about $1000 to buy this same set new

Ford 4.0, complete, came out of an early 90's Ranger (94?) ran good when pulled a few years ago, been stored inside since $75 SOLD

Briggs and Stratton 3.5 horse vertical shaft, ran when pulled off of mower last year, dont know why but the end of the plug wire has been cut off, complete otherwise...bolt in end of shaft was cut to get the blade off, but the bolt threads out just fine, only there to keep the threads clean $10 DEAL PENDING

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pm sent on 31's
Any info on the 242wj case like how many miles were one it, or if it worked. Also what is the spline count and imput shaft length?
bill scrap is high right now. you can make more money off the aluminum rims scraping them than what you are asking for
bill scrap is high right now. you can make more money off the aluminum rims scraping them than what you are asking for
I'm sure I could, just dont really have the time to bother taking the tires off to scrap them...hmmm...I do need some steel wheels for my sisters Saturn, and the junkyard wants $20 a piece for them, which I think is too high...maybe I'll take the aluminum wheels in to pay for the steel wheels I need
Any info on the 242wj case like how many miles were one it, or if it worked. Also what is the spline count and imput shaft length?
miles unknown, got it from someone I dont know, and it was already pulled...I believe it was low milage, the guy was doing some sort of custom drivetrain swap (he owned a shop that specialized in restoring Corvairs, so I was more interested in checking out the cars in his shop)
I'll check on the input spline count and length, and shift it through the gears and let you know

Any idea of the mileage on the 4.0?
IIRC, it was approx. 130k miles...came out of a truck that belonged to a friend, and the body was trashed, so I bought it from him for parts...I do have the complete uncut harness and ECM for it as well...obviously, was a manual trans
pm sent on 31's
pm pending, tires on hold for at least the weekend
I need 3 15" steel wheels for a Saturn, roughly 6" wide, 4 on 4" bolt pattern, if anybody has them and wants to trade for something, or give me a price on the wheels
On the pressure and temp meter, what pressure range are the tranducers good for? Or do they all go up to 10,000 psi? Also what thread is on them?
IIRC, the thread is 1/4 pipe...the transducers are color coded to match the color labeled scales on the meter

btw, each transducer new is about the cost of what I am asking for this buy all of that new would be about $1000.00 or so, so I am going to say that price is is used, but you can see in the pics that it works, and only has some minor scratches on the case, the instruction manual is long gone, and there is some oil in the it would not come with the quick couplers, but instead would come with some various threaded adapters that are no longer there...for $150 it is still a helluva deal, I just don't use it and don't need it sitting on the shelf taking up space for no reason anymore

the transducers are:
blue (x1) 500psi
red (x2) 5000psi
orange (x1) 10,000psi

I might have the red and orange backwards, since I am colorblind
Interested in the blocks
so come buy them...hell, bring me a 6 pack of Sam Adams Blackberry Whitbier or Cherry Wheat and you can have all of them
ill take the tracker wheels........... theyll work good for rollers on the ford and the dodge to get them in the garage......better then rolling it in on rims pm sent
just for rollers, most of the tires should be usable, I'm sure most of them will hold air, just no tread left
few more items to add

1300psi electric pressure washer, the machine works but I think the wand had a crack in it or something, havent used it in a few years, but did plug it in and try it when I took the pic $20 SOLD

motocycle seat, good shape, dusty but otherwise looks like new, no rips or other damage that I saw, the pics will tell you more then I can honestly $15

set of split rear seats from an early 90's Tracker, fold down, decent shape but dirty, may clean up $15

bench seat from an 88 F-series, stained and dirty, couple holes in the cover, doubt the stains will come out, get a cover for it...good replacement for that broke down bench seat you've been dealing with that has the permanent ass imprint in it $10

Ford 5.4 from a 2000 F250 SD, very high miles, ran OK but was pulled due to low compression on 1 or 2 (?) cyls, would need rebuilt $100 DEAL PENDING

rear driveshaft from that same 2000 F250 SD, 2wd, complete but probably needs the u-joints replaced $10

set of car ramps, was given to me, I dont use them, come get them free GONE

a bunch of misc ECM's, mostly Ford, I know theres one there for a early 90's Ranger 4.0 manual, and one for a early 90's Explorer, same drivetrain, a body control module for something (dont remember what right now) and I think there is even a seat belt control for an Escort...will check numbers on them later, but if there is one you need, give me the numbers and I'll check...I know there are none for 5.0 Mustangs, and probably all are speed density systems anyway $10 each or all for $60

also have some misc pieces of this heavy duty steel screen, would work good to cover the back window of a BDMT, radiator guard, etc...I used some bigger pieces to fill in the center of my trailer deck, and it works great for that, can hook a ratchet strap anywhere for odd shaped/ sized stuff...most pieces are about 2'x4' roughly...what this stuff is originally is screen used in aggregate screening plants, so its very tough $2.50 a square foot

come on people, buy some of this stuff and keep me from having to be on that "Hoarders" TV show!

everything is OBO, so make me an offer!
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Any info on the 242wj case like how many miles were one it, or if it worked. Also what is the spline count and imput shaft length?
the input is a female spline, 23 spline 1.40" across and 1.965 inches deep
rear output is 27 spline, 1.175" across and 3.885" long
front output is 32 spline, and the splined section is 1.360" across and 1.840" long, the threaded section in front of the spline is 22mm x 1.25 pitch...I do not havethe yoke that would bolt on to this, or the nut...comes as pictured

I did run it through the gears, and the input and both outputs spin freely, changes gears smoothly, etc. I dont see anything wrong with this case, except that with the front output yoke not on it, that area is open to atmosphere, so theres a good chance some amount of dust and dirt has got in through there
thanks for the wheels! wish i woulda seen them ramps for free............ i woulda taken them also............
I'll set them out in the driveway when I get home from work, pick them up whenever you want
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