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The 1998-2004 Trackers have an odd size rear wiper that's readily available in the old school framed wiper, but very difficult to find in the newer-style, one-piece, framless wipers. To my knowledge, the Trico NeoForm Beam Blade is only one that comes in the required 14" size for the rear. They also come in 19" for the front on 1999-2004 Trackers, 17" for the front on 1990-1998 Trackers, as well as the 16" for the rear wiper on 1990-1992 Trackers.

If you haven't tried the new-style wipers, I highly recommend them - they can make an older vehicle a little more enjoyable to drive. Getting rid of the fragile frames makes all the difference in durability and performance. They also look great and the price has come down on them. Wipe clean and super quiet. Major improvement in the winter. They fit correctly all around - front and rear. You can get them online.

Hope this helps save others time.
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