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Checking bank account from Cell Phone

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Is checking my bank account from my phone secure? I've been afraid to log into it from my phone because I want to keep my info secure.

What say you?
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The only problem I've ever run into is using Opera Mini to do it. My online banking was locked out because of it, and the bank said they did it because the request came from a server in Finland, where Opera's server is.

When I check on my BB, it shows as being secured.
Why was the connection routed through Opera and not locally through your phone provider?
Opera for the mobile phone does the rendering on central servers, then sends a skinny version of the experience to the phone.
Thank you. I was given the required files to run Opera Mini on my Treo some time ago, but never got around to installing it. Now I'll know what to expect if I ever do it. :thumb:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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