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Started with a 96 Cherokee 4.0L HO / five-speed that runs real tight, no funny noises, lots of get up and go to begin with.

Working on adding a little obscure power to my sleeper XJ project. I added a 62mm throttle body to see if I'd get a little more low RPM / low gear / low speed two tracking pep. Amazing, just amazing...

Since everyone says the real benefits come with filter box / intake / exhaust help too, I started the next phase of my low profile inexpensive upgrade.

Without spending any money, I wanted to add fresh (AKA cold) air from outside the engine bay, and wait until later to think about "other" options... for example an exhaust system upgrade.

As the OEM set up was drawing warm air from the engine bay, straight from the radiator discharge and engine heat, I figured there had to be a better way.

Since my OEM filter box comes with a rectangular flange like inlet that just happens to align with a blanked off hole in the front that leads behind the headlight area, it was quite simple. I simply removed the cover plate and made a connecting rectangular duct (experimental prototype), and now I'm getting cool fresh air from the front grill area, from ahead of the radiator.

Next is a high flow K&N flat filter to replace the el-cheapo normal stock one.

It can't be this simple can it? Anyone else try this?

Was this an earlier model year fresh air intake, any ideas why the opening was blocked off by the factory engineers?
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