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They can do whatever they want over there in California. Your state your stupid rules. You can keep it.

Until it affects trade. Which this will in a horrible way.
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Requiring quarterly emissions certification will lead to heavy delays and stresses on alternatives such as rail etc.

Yearly emissions testing for a commercial application is understandable. But quarterly is just nuts. The amount of downtime to fleets and additional cost for certification on top of the fact that it will cause delays making things more expensive across the board.

This will make a huge dent in trade income.

The generatior and lawnmower thing is just nuts. You expect lawn companies that have expensive reliable equipment to switch over or lessen the available jobs they can perform due to battery life?

When I think of big generatiors I first think of hospitals and large factories. It is there not because they want to use it. But because they need to use it.

I have a natural gas whole house setup. Its nice. Once a week it starts up and runs for 10 minutes to keep the rings fresh. But I am not running it any more then need be.

You use generatiors as a backup. If California wants to put catalytic converters on generatiors sold after 2023 then fine. But a ban? Good luck with that.
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