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Ok I will start with what i dont have pictures of and with what will take me a bit to ship

9.25 GM IFS Front Diff with 4.10's
This is out of My 1997 Chevy K2500. Was just pulled out on 5/22/10. Hardly was ever used in this truck as i didn't want to beat on the IFS. I think i may have used it 2 or 3 times since i owned the truck. Never regeared it after i did the rear so for the last 2 years it was never engaged.
$200 OBO plus Shipping

8.25 GM IFS Front Diff
This came out of a 1998 GMC Sierra Z71 Half Ton. Its my brothers so i will have to get you his Phone number if you are interested and you can Deal with him on it. We believe it was 3.73's as it has sat for a couple years and he doesn't remember anymore
$150 Plus Shipping

Front Driveshaft out of my K2500. Totally stock unit.
$35 OBO plus shipping

Stainless Steel brake lines. These are the hardlines that were ordered for my Dad's 1990 Chevy Regular Cab Long Bed. They are every line from the master cylinder back and also included the rear axle lines as well. I dont believe they have the Soft lines with them. He had paid well over $300 plus shipping for these.
$150OBO plus shipping

These items won't take near as long to ship

20 Gig X-box Hard Drive
$20 plus Shipping OBO

OBS Front Gap Guards. These are only the Front Pairs
$25 a set Plus Shipping OBO

OBS Euro Tailights
Not Exactly the thing anymore but these have been laying around. The one has a large chip out of it as seen in the pic

3/4 Ton Torsion Bars from my 97 K2500
$100 OBO Plus Shipping
3/4 Ton Torsion keys from my 97 K2500
$30OBO plus shipping for the set
Ford Dana 60 Stock 30 Spline Outer shafts from my 79 for 60

Beauty rings from my Dads Stock rims on his 1990 K2500 LD Truck. I believe they are 16.5's but i will have to measure to be sure. They are dirty and need cleaned up. Can only find (3).
$7 each plus shipping or $15 for all three Plus Shipping OBO

Lug nut Covers/Center cap. 6 Lug Stock Style 4x4
All (4) $20 plus Shipping OBO

Stock Headunit from my 97 and Stock Mirror.
Headunit worked great when pulled, every light still worked as well. I believe the Treble dial is cracked but still in one piece. Mirror, well its a mirror and is in good condition
HU $20 OBO plus Shipping
Mirror $10 OBO plus shipping

Thes will not be Shipped but i have 2 88-98 GM Hoods. Tan and Red and are both in excellent condition
$75 Each OR $130 for both.
Located in Spencerville Ohio 45887
Red hood is now Sold

All Prices are OBO plus Shipping.

Please also PM me about anything you are interested in as i tend to not always see posts in my threads. Also It may take me a few days to ship items. I work 40 Hours a week and go to school full time so i can't always get to the Fed Ex or USPS office in time

Thanks for Looking
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