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Yes this is my truck!
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I have 3 winches that all go together,you buy the one you get them all
one is a superwinch one is a mvp and the other I dont remember,I had bought them from swap meets and friends that say they work but I never got around to mess with them,$100.for the 3 like I said not seperating them,100 gets them all,oil em up screw with them plug em in what ever get em going,I dont want to mess with I screwed up my back so things are going!
734 439 7177 [email protected] first come first gets,not holding,sorry.

ok power winch 1500 single line

ex1 super winch model 1110 1000lbs

mvp 6000 lbs rolling load
there not pretty they dont look like new,but it mike make a good set of winches,you`ll have to find out!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts