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Since I forgot what it was like when it rains I am at a loss on what to do to intertane me self.
It is a cold rain. Perhaps on the verge of snowing, but I doubt it:(
I have some work to do on my yj, but I think I am constipated so I will wait.
I have over a hundred pics on my camera I need to download, but my shit is old so downloading will take forever.
My wife left me to get her nails filled in, but I think she just likes her nail tech better than me :(
My kids are buggin for food. We are out of frozens and pretty much anything that can be nuked :( I don't feel like cooking. I think because I am constipated.
I thought about drinking a beer, but that would mean I'd have to get up to get it.
Well I think I have to go dump a load off finally, but we seem to be out of tp. There is some in our pantry,but again I would have to get up to get it. :(

I got a gold chain
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My kids are on a plane right now coming home from florida. No more frolicking around the house naked for me.:(
We are having a small birthday party for my son today, we were in Boston during his real birthday.
I dont feel like doing a damn thing today and I really don't want visitors here.

I also need to go drop about 1 1/2 lbs. Be back in 30-40 minutes or when my legs go numb.
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