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But...I have good trading material.
I'm building a "skimmer" and I need to experiment with different tire/gear combos. tires from 35-44s 15s and 16.5 only unless they're mounted 8 lug. wear is important given the trading materials I offer. I'm also interested in gear sets beyond 4:30 for d44 and 9.5" 14bsf....5:13s in particular right now. I think I have enough transfers but a GM dana 20/300 might work for another project .
Trading material:
Minty 93 C1500 Silverado roller RC/SB with extras
91F150 Lariat 4x4 from Florida
86F250 2x4 from Fla
84 XJ Beater w/ 2.8l Gm drivetrain
91 Xj with way too much money in it.
d60hp/70 w/lockouts,steering Ford stuff
5.0 HO/Trans
92 F? 4.0l/trans/transfer/axle frame rails and IRS
Bunch of GM hi-perf sbc

I have 4 buildings nearly full of other, chainsaws/climbing gear, some jeep stuff, you name it I probably have it or can trade for it.
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