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I recently acquired this 1996 XJ from a guy in Cleveland who bought it on vacation in Alabama.
It has some rust in the floors but is other wise very solid.
The plans are to make a sort of mall crawler/ curb climber out of it. I already have my 93 XJ that I can use to bounce off rocks and trees.
I couldn't afford a real classic car (chevelle, mustang, fairlane, challenger) so I figured this would have to do for now.
It is an ex police vehicle so it does have the high idle switch and has been decently maintained.
The PO said it has 3.73 gears and a LSD in the rear but I haven't been able to read the tags or had time to pop the diff covers off to confirm.
The interior is well worn and will need reconditioning.
My grandmother has dubbed it Betty White.


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