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Baby squirrel - Gone to its new home

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Ran right up to me and sat on my foot while I was handling parts in the driveway. Follows my feet around wherever I go. Parents probably got taken by a bird.

Approx 6-7 weeks old from what I am reading. Eyes wide open, full fur. probably 8-10 inches with tail. From what I am reading, they make good cage pets (like ferrets).

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You spent money on a Red Squirrel?:sonicjay: It's a Red Squirrel............
a.k.a.=rodent. Open for hunting year around.
City people make me laugh.:sonicjay:
.....And I still haven't paid all my taxes to the State. :finger:
You could have sent that $20 that you wasted on dog milk. Now I'm not gonna get paid this week. Thanks a lot.:finger:
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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