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I know I'm still pretty new around here, and I don't know too many of you, but the bowling team I am on is short 1 guy. We had a guy on our team move to Arizona this summer, and now we don't have a replacement. Here is the info:

Bowl at Century Lanes in Waterford on M-59 just east of Williams lake road. The league is on Thursday nights, starting at 7pm, practice at 6:45pm. Fees are $20 a night, plus you would have to pay $19 for the sanction fee.

The league is pretty competitive, Our team is comprised of bowlers with averages between 185-200, and I would say the entire league is between 170-220. The league is 32 weeks, this thursday would be week 4.

Our team age ranges from me being the youngest at 27, two guys in the early-mid thirties, and one guy in his early 40's. We are competitive, but mostly there to have a good time, a.k.a. we goof around quite a bit.

If anyone is interested, please shoot me a PM, or an e-mail.


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