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Anyone have experience removing a 4x4 trans from a 2000 blazer?

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I was just curious if anyone has done this on here?.....its my dd and i cant screw it up or have it down to long.I have the 4l60e ready to drop in but would have to remove mine first..

i read you had to jack the body up to gain access to the top two mount bolts?

just curios if anyone can give me some pointers...ive done several trannies just never this cramped..

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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on my z71 i just dropped transfer case trany and all......But on the blazer will the torsion bars (whatever there called that run from front control arm to midsection.) be in the way ?

Abd can i remove the trans/transfer case like i did on the z71?..or will i have to drop just the transfer case then the trans?

thanks again guys
t-case has to come out before you take the trans out. the torsion bar crossmember is in the way. i'm surprised you were able to get the tranny and t-case out of your fullsize as a whole. the crossmember should have been in the way for that too.

thanks long did it take u to remove?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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