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Anyone else here play World Of Warcraft

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Was just wondering if anyone else here plays world of warcraft??
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WoW uhh no... left for dead FTW
Umm, no. Left for Dead sucks BALLS. Both of them. 3 hours to beat each play through? Total waste of $50.

I used to play WoW. But I haven't played in about 6 months. Even then, it took me something like 4 or 5 years to actually play through the game up to a level cap because I would quit playing for months, go back and start again.

I play Horde on Echo Isles, an 80 Rogue named Creete, and a 64(?) Paladin that I can't even remember the name of right now.

Neither are well equipped, I'd probably qualify as a scrub.
Burning Blade; Horde Several 80's

Its what I do when I have no money for the rig which is quite often.
61 - 66 of 66 Posts
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