Anybody here in need for dodge parts? I’m going to be cleaning out my junkyard of a few parts trucks this winter starting with 2 dodges. I’ll be posting things as I get ready to strip them and if I get enough interest in parts im willing to make a road trip/aid in delivery, otherwise everything is located just outside Marquette in the UP.

1988 w350 cab an chassis, im keeping the d60&d70 as well as the 205. Body is already sold. Stupid low mileage truck (30k original miles)
360 motor, runs great, needs fuel pump, runs on what fuel is in the float bowl. Complete air cleaner to oil pan, and all accessories, can text video of it running. $500*sold*

np435,with hydraulic bellhousing, will include clutch/flywheel $150
bellhousing/clutch/flywheel sold
$50? For just the 435????

it does have a 205tcase/with PTO on it that I’m keeping but I could be talked out of if serious.

also chopping up a 91 w250 12v Cummins/getrag/205, I’m keeping Motor/trans/tcase,
srw kingpin d60&70, combo, 3.54 gear is currently pending @$1200, throw your name out if interested as I’ve had people back out last minute many times.

if anything else off these trucks your looking for just ask/shoot offers.