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Headed out today for lunch and was the first vehicle sitting at a light. Light turns green and I start to go. For the first time, I hear a siren, look right and there's an ambulance coming through the intersection at me. I accelerate out of the way and proceed on. I look back and a state trooper is weaving his way through traffic to me. Crap! He pulls me over and I immediately disclose my CPL and then we go through the usual documents, did you see the ambulance, why didn't you yeild, etc etc. He lectured me for a couple minutes and then heads back to his car with my info. I'm sure I'm getting a ticket.

Side bar; work has been stressful and I've had a couple tickets in the past 10 months and my first EVER accident. (my fault) So my record is not squeaky clean.

Cop comes back to me (no ticket in hand) & says "what's changed in your life? You've had a clean driving record for a long time and now you have issues in the past few months. It was obvious that you weren't paying attention like you should." We discuss. He goes on to stress the importance of slowing down, getting rid of stress, etc. All told, I'm detained for at least 20 minutes. He says have a good day.

He gets to the back of my truck, turns around, comes back and says "oh by the way, great job of getting your CCW".

Kudos to a state trooper who could tell I was having a bad day and decided he didn't need to make it worse.:thumb::usa:

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Wow, That made my day. Sounds like he was doing a Good job. Instead of just being a Zombie he actually was a Decent human Being. I understand why you would feel surprised :teehee: Need more people like that, not because they don't give tickets, but because they care.
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