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angle grinder

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I have burnt through HF grinders and decided to spend a little more and got a 6 amp makita that worked fine for a couple years. Then last week the spindle lock broke trying to get the cutoff disk out.

I saw rigid makes a cordless angle grinder which I already have the 18v lithium ion batteries for. I feel like grinding down welds or cutting through thick metal would eat through a full charge in no time. Am I rong?

After googling it seems like Metabo makes a good grinder. For the occasional hobby fabrication, cutting bolts, and sharpening mower blades is it worth paying a little more than another home depot grade tool?

Also, I have always bought 4 or 4 1/2" grinders... Are the pros of having a 6" grinder relevant for occasional use or do I just have a higher risk of separating one of my digits from my hand?
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Were is everybody getting wheels from? I've found the wheel makes almost as much difference as the grinder.
Get the good ARC Abrasive wheels. Not sure who all carries them but they are the bomb.
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