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20' or 22' not sure an dimentions, i know it holds 11,000 gallons. Round Doughboy pool 48" deep. Liner is on its second season. Comes with sand filter, pump, hoses, pool cleaner, solar cover, cover bar and mounts, and winter cover, propane/ng heater, and i also have a large empty propane tank i would give you (appx 4't x 3'w). The heater could be rejetted to use natural gas easily. Also if you want the deck, take it, but its not that great.

I will post picks of the tank and heater later when it stops pouring outside.

Must take pool down yourself, i will help if needed. I just don't know how to go about it and wouldn't want to chance ruining it.

I would like to get $350 for it, probably worth that in scrap alum.

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