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My director told me this morning that his daughter ran their 1999 TJ into a power post a few weeks ago trying to avoid a deer. Hit the power line hard enough that it split the post into three pieces and downed the cables. Air bags went off but she walked away. Frame and body shop guys said it's not even worth trying to straighten. I imagine engine bay forward is toast. He did say it has a
hardtop (good shape)
full doors
probably rear section of frame,
gas tank
axles would be intact.
Also has an un-opened set of Lange quick release mirrors for the TJ he bought for Christmas last month.

How much would you think each of these parts might actually sell for individually or if someone wanted to salvage the whole thing? He said a few scrap yards are coming out to give salvage offers this week. Just trying to see if there is any interest or point in trying to part it out.

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